The Challenge

Our challenge was to create an SEO campaign targeting a mid-sized city population with a tremendous amount of competition and rank the company for it’s most profitable search terms (keywords) for plumbing & HVAC services that their customers are looking for.

Design A Custom SEO & PPC Campaign Strategy

This home service company has already had a great reputation online and offline for their customer service and quality of work. They already had a presence in a smaller city and a good amount of reviews already. This allowed us to focus on targeting the larger city and building a paid media campaign for their most profitable projects.

They had over 15 technicians, multiple in-house staff, and several full-time salesmen that needed to stay busy all year long. They also had huge plans for growth. They hired us to help them achieve those goals.

They did previously sign up with an SEO/ web design agency that locked them into a multi-year contract. After investigation, it was noticed they were not doing any monthly link building or content generation. We looked deeper into the fine print of their contract and found no obligation to do any ongoing SEO after the initial content for the website. Needless to say, they were very upset. They hired me to help them get the ship steered in the right course.


Booked Serviced Appointments

Increased their service and new install estimates monthly. over 245% increase in the first 6 months and increased 10-18% monthly for 2+ years after

Ranked #1-3

Google Maps (Biz Profile)

Ranked their company for top keywords such as “water heater repair + city”, “furnace install + city”, “ac installation + city” + more.


Additional Monthly Revenue

Increased their monthly revenue significantly to not only hire more technicians but to also have more stable yearly revenue.

“I have been using Sky Tide Digital for years they have grown my business in so many ways at an affordable cost and is always willing to work out any kinks”

How we helped a local hvac & plumbing biz add $32k/mo in new jobs 1
Jacob M.

HVAC Company Owner

How we helped a local hvac & plumbing biz add $32k/mo in new jobs 2

The Process

We knew the company had a great reputation and provided excellent service. It was our obligation to get their business in front of more people so they could have the same great experience others had. We started with an on-page SEO siloed strategy to interlink all the service pages and optimize the meta data to be more SEO friendly.

  • On-page SEO optimization campaign.

  • PPC Landing Page & Google Ads

  • Social Media Management & Paid Media

  • Website Design & Content Writing

Created Consitent & Sustainable Results Using PPC & SEO For High Profitable Plumbing & HVAC Jobs.

We created a user-friendly SEO-optimized website since their previous marketing company wouldn’t give up the rights to their other one because of being under contract. We then wrote content designed for converting website visitors into customers combined with a search engine optimized structure to help show for their most profitable keywords.

For the next 9 months, we did a monthly link-building campaign and cleaned up their NAP (name address phone number) across the internet to help Google and voice search engines with signals to help with local ranking factors. We first reversed-engineered what the current competition is doing to achieve rankings and then we designed a custom SEO campaign to out perform them.

Get more offers

The more people to see your business = the more offers to sell your service.

organic seo services

Increase your sales

If you’re still making the same amount of offers today as the day before then are you growing?

Sales Chart
How we helped a local hvac & plumbing biz add $32k/mo in new jobs 3


Budget Climate Control is still reaping the return on investment to this day by hiring us to help them with their organic online marketing. They continue to build their reputation/ reviews and provide excellent service for their customers.

Results Are Not Special Or A-Typical

I’m proud to showcase our client’s success. We can say with confidence that this isn’t a special or “unicorn” success story. The results are similar to all of our client’s successes.  Do you want to work with someone that takes your business success and treats it as their own? That’s one of the reasons people choose us. We’re real people helping real people.

We Want To Help You.

The online world is flooded with companies and people who claim to have your best interest at heart. Do they really? Do you have a long-term business relationship with your marketing team? If not you should find out why our clients do with us. We look forward to helping you.

Let’s Make Things Happen

How we helped a local hvac & plumbing biz add $32k/mo in new jobs 6

Jeremiah Bennett

Digital Marketing Consultant Expert

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