The Challenge

A local business that has been established for almost 30 years in the city with over 5 locations has been losing customers and growth to a new franchise that recently moved into town. They didn’t focus or know much about digital marketing when we started but they knew it was important.

Complete Digital Marketing Makeover

Little attention was given to their digital presence over the years. Their GMB profiles weren’t optimized, reviews weren’t asked for-+, their website wasn’t mobile-friendly. Their social media and customer attention as virtually nonexistent digitally.

We knew with little attention given to their online presence, even though they have been an established well know multi-location business for 30+ years they were virtually brand new with little branding, social media, no search term visibility etc.  We had our work cut out for us.

In 6 short months, we increased their online visibility and appointments by 967% across all 6 locations. We used a multi-direction strategy to turn their business around drastically.


Booked Appointments Increase

100’s of new calls every month found from search terms and brand presence.


Increase In Monthly Revenue

6 figure increase in monthly rev was huge and most of the increase was generated within the first 6 months.


Increase in Reviews.

Paying attention to their online branding and reputation increased their rating from a 3.0 to 4.8 across all 6 locations.

“Jeremiah is definitely a top-notch expert! He has contributed a great amount to the industry and most agencies mimic his approach. Jeremiah will be an asset to any business in need of a better web presence and desired traffic. Highly recommend that if you get the opportunity to work with him that you don’t pass it by.”

How we increased a local businesses monthly revenue by $115,000/mo 1
Dr. Michael P

Local Business Owner

How we increased a local businesses monthly revenue by $115,000/mo 2

The Process

We addressed their online reviews with our reputation management service. They had a 2.3 average rating on google across their 5 locations with only 5-6 reviews
Using reputation management we were able to increase their review rating to a 4.7- 4.9 rating with over 90 – 192 reviews

  • Reputation Review Management Across All 6 Locations

  • Website Redesign For A SEO & User Friendly Experience

  • Google PPC Ads Campaign To Start Building ROI.

  • Social Media Management & Ad Campaign

  • Monthly SEO Linkbuilding and Content Generation Campaign.

The owner wanted an aggressive approach with immediate as well as long-term ROI.

This is why we recommended our complete digital marketing campaign including paid advertising and organic search engine marketing as well as reputation management. This multi-front strategy exceeded the results for the owner.

18 months later and they are still dominating the digital landscape for their industry/ city. This type of attention to detail, skills, and obsession with our client’s results isn’t just a 1 time or rare experience. Results like these are pretty typical for our clients.

Get more offers

The more people to see your business = the more offers to sell your service.

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Increase your sales

If you’re still making the same amount of offers today as the day before then are you growing?

Sales Chart
Jeremiah Bennett is a digital marketing expert in Rio Rancho


Care More Chiropractic was able to overtake the new franchise dominance online In Google Maps, Google Search, and brand recognition, as well as the other competitors across the city. Their appointments booked were over 10X consistently and are still thriving today.

A Great Success Example But Nothing Exceptional Compared To Our Normal Results.

The success of this company is nothing exceptional when compared to our average clientele. We only chose to spotlight this company’s results to make this case study. 

Let’s Make Things Happen

How we increased a local businesses monthly revenue by $115,000/mo 4

Jeremiah Bennett

Digital Marketing Consultant Expert

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