Client Background: Sky Tide Digital was approached by a military defense lawyer with a focus on providing legal representation and consultation services to individuals facing military-related legal issues. The lawyer had a strong reputation and experience in the field, but they were struggling to secure a prominent online presence and generate leads through digital channels.

The client’s primary goal was to rank within the top 3 positions of the Google Search Map Pack for relevant keywords to increase visibility and attract potential clients.

Challenge: The legal industry is highly competitive, and the client faced challenges in standing out among other military defense lawyers in San Diego which is also a very high competitive city

The primary challenges included:

  1. Local Visibility: The client’s law firm was struggling to appear within the top search results and map pack for relevant keywords on Google.
  2. Competition: Many other law firms were aggressively competing for similar keywords, making it difficult to secure a top-ranking position.
  3. Limited Online Presence: The client had a basic website, but it lacked optimization for search engines and local searches.


1. Comprehensive Keyword Research: Sky Tide Digital conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-impact keywords for the client’s services. This research included both general legal keywords and location-specific keywords to target the local audience.

2. Local SEO Optimization: The website was optimized for local SEO, including optimizing meta tags, headers, and content to incorporate the identified keywords naturally. This also involved creating and optimizing a Google My Business (GMB) profile to increase local visibility.

3. Content Enhancement: Sky Tide Digital worked closely with the client to develop high-quality and informative content related to military defense legal matters. This content was published on the client’s website’s blog section to showcase their expertise and build credibility.

4. Citations and Backlinks: A strategic backlink-building campaign was initiated to establish the client’s authority in the legal field. This involved creating high-quality citations and obtaining relevant backlinks from authoritative legal directories and local websites.

5. Review Generation: Sky Tide Digital encouraged satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on the client’s Google My Business profile. These reviews not only improved the law firm’s reputation but also contributed to its local SEO ranking.

6. On-Going Monitoring and Optimization: Regular monitoring of keyword rankings, website traffic, and user behavior was performed to make necessary adjustments and improvements to the strategy.


Sky Tide Digital’s efforts led to significant improvements in the client’s online visibility and search engine ranking. After implementing the strategy, the client’s military defense law firm achieved the following results within six months:

  1. Top 3 Google Map Pack Ranking: The client’s law firm consistently ranked within the top 3 positions in the Google Map Pack for key military defense lawyer-related keywords in San Diego, CA.
  2. Increased Website Traffic: Organic traffic to the client’s website saw a notable increase, resulting in higher engagement and longer average session durations.
  3. Higher Conversions: The optimized website and local SEO efforts contributed to a substantial increase in leads generated through the website, leading to an increase in potential clients.
  4. Enhanced Online Reputation: Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients on the GMB profile established the client’s credibility and further encouraged potential clients to reach out.
  5. Sustained Growth: The efforts of Sky Tide Digital continued to yield positive results over time, maintaining the client’s position in the top 3 Map Pack rankings and contributing to the growth of their legal practice.


Sky Tide Digital’s comprehensive approach to local SEO optimization, content strategy, and online reputation management enabled the military defense lawyer to achieve a prominent position within the top 3 Google Search Map Pack results. Through strategic efforts, the client experienced increased online visibility, website traffic, and lead generation, ultimately leading to the growth and success of their legal practice in a competitive market.

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Sky Tide Digital's Success in Ranking a Military Defense Lawyer in the Top 3 Google Search Map Pack 3

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