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Hey San Diego Business Owners! Looking for more customers for your San Diego business? You may have tried everything you could think of to bring people in and yet nothing has worked…until now.

We are offering to run a Facebook ad for your business for FREE until we bring you leads! Sounds too good to be true?

Well, we created a short video to show you how we did the same thing to get a local chiropractor business 136 appointment requests in only 30 days!

Facebook marketing done properly can be extremely complex.

Let’s face it you just want to run your business and have a continuous stream of customers flowing in right?

Facebook Ads can look super simple to set up and yeah it’s true (kind of)

The way Facebook offers you almost every time you log in and manage your FB page there seems to be some sort of offer that sends you into creating an ad right?

If you have or haven’t tried creating an ad let’s be honest.

Was it producing leads?

Were you selling products on Facebook?

Chances are you didn’t or did but the budget you allocated did make sense to make a profit off the sale right?

Well, that’s because even though Facebook offers a wide array of ways to spend your money on ads and boosting posts it doesn’t offer the experience and know how to get those ads to convert.

That’s where we come in.

We get highly targeted in advertising. creative content writing, ad graphics creation, and testing, testing, testing.

We use the pixels, optimize the ad for high ad relevance score, season the campaign, create multiple ad sets for each behavior, interest, demographic.

We’ll be putting some training videos and articles for you in the near future so you can learn more on your own.

In the meantime how about we run an ad for you for FREE until we bring you in leads. Are you ready to get started?

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