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Did you know that, on average, people scroll through more than 300 ft of content in their social newsfeeds per day? That’s more content than the height of the Statue of Liberty! In fact, 68% of Americans use Facebook & Instagram, and of those users, a whopping 74% use it daily! Your customers are using the platform, and isn’t the goal of advertising to be where your customers are? As a Facebook Preferred Social Media Marketing Agency, Sky Tide Digital can develop a strategy to help stay in front of your customers annually, at an affordable rate!

Quick question for business owners 
How many offers did you make yesterday?
In other words, how many people did you ask to buy your product or service?
If you’re like most people the answer is “not enough” 
And that concerns me…

Because as the saying goes, “the amount of sales you make is directly correlated with the number of offers you make.” 
If every day you keep making the same amount of offers you did yesterday what are your chances of hitting your 2020 goals? 
So… what aren’t you making more offers? 

Mind if I give you a strategy that you can use today that doesn’t require very much money? 

Try making a Facebook or Instagram advertisement, to sell your product or service. It’s only costing us 1 to 10 cents for someone to see an ad. 
If it’s profitable, we spend more. 
If it’s not we turn it off almost immediately (unlike print, radio, or TV ads that lock you into contracts) 
But here’s the catch…
They take time: 
To figure out the perfect audience 
To write a persuasive message
To build the website
To do all the “technical stuff”
To Manage it on a daily basis 
It’s a lot of work! 

If you don’t have the time or desire to do any of the above then keep listening…

I’d like to make you an offer that you can refuse, but shouldn’t if you want me to send you some customers. 
Let me create the next ad for you. 
Working with me is as easy as…
A B C click the button below and tell me about your business. 

On our call, I’ll tell you exactly what to write, who to show it to, and how to find them as I found you. 
After our conversation, you can take what I teach you and do it yourself or you can pay me to do it for you. 
Either way, you win. 
Sound Fair?

Click the button below right now and let’s get started! 

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