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Curious About What Facebook Is Doing in Advertising For N0vember 2019?

Here’s what we’ve found out. 

Testing Instagram Shopping Posts as Ads

Over the past few years we’ve created organic shopping features to make it easier for people to discover and shop on Instagram the moment inspiration hits.
Currently, there are 130+ million accounts tapping to reveal tags from Instagram Shopping posts every month.
As part of our continued investment in building the best shopping experience, we are testing the ability for shopping businesses to run their existing shopping posts as ads in Ads Manager.

Forging Loyalty in the Modern Travel Market

To help marketers understand how to cater to today’s travelers and forge loyalty in the modern travel market, Facebook IQ commissioned Accenture to survey 2,079 people in the US ages 18 and over, who have traveled domestically or abroad in the last year.
Combining this data with insights from George Hobica, founder of Airfarewatchdog, we uncovered three important trends impacting the industry today: simplicity affinity, pragmatic travelers and latent loyalists.
Upcoming Metrics Updates for October 2019
As part of our continuous efforts to improve our ad metrics offerings, we will be making several updates to simplify and enable greater consistency on October 29, 2019.
We will be removing metrics related to 10-second video views, renaming several other video metrics and consolidating our leads metrics, These changes will be reflected in Ads Manager, Report Builder and API v5.0.

Feature and Policy Updates to Messenger

We announced a few feature and policy updates to the Messenger platform that will improve the quality of conversations between people and businesses.
These updates regarding the standard messaging policy, message tags, Subscription Messaging (beta), Discover tab and others will go into effect on January 15, 2020.

Introducing Lead Generation in Messenger

We are announcing the global roll out of lead generation in Messenger, which enables business to set up an automated question experience in Ads Manager.
Introduced earlier this year at our F8 conference, lead generation templates make it easier to create ads that open a Messenger conversation between a person and business, and kick off a set of questions that can be answered through pre-filled or free form text.

Updates to Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics in the US

We are announcing additional steps we’re taking to protect elections and prepare for the US 2020 election. Those steps include strengthening the authorization process for US advertisers via new disclaimer requirements, showing people more information about each advertiser, and updating our list of social issues in the US to better reflect the public discourse on and off Facebook.

Updates To Housing, Employment and Credit Ads in Ads Manager

Facebook cares deeply about civil rights and we want to make sure we’re advancing them on our platform.
As of August 26, all advertisers based in the US or trying to reach audiences in the US are required to use our new process to buy housing, employment and credit ads. These ads are now considered Special Ad Categories and have restricted targeting options in Ads Manager.

Ads in Instagram Explore Now Available to All Advertisers

Explore is one of the best places for people to discover, shop and connect with people, businesses and creators, and more than 50% of accounts on Instagram use Explore every month.
We recently introduced ads in Explore to all advertisers globally, allowing your brand to be part of what’s culturally relevant and trending while reaching new audiences who are looking to discover something n
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