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How Do You Make A Landing Page That Converts? 2019 Edition

I get this question all the time. Jeremiah, how do you make a landing page that converts website visitors into leads? I’ve put together a guide & list of design structure necessities, types of goals you’re needing to accomplish, and what specific elements should be included or excluded depending on the goals or intent of the landing page. A landing page is also called squeeze page or splash page. If you’ve ever heard those terms thrown around then just know they all mean the same thing.

Landing Page Software vs. Designing From Scratch.

Both ways can be good for capturing leads. Most people choose simplicity, ease of use and don’t want to learn or hire someone to custom code a webpage and I have to agree with them. At least in the beginning. Most people & business large and small will use a landing page software such as ClickFunnelsLeadPagesUnbounceMarket Hero, these are all great products and do charge a monthly or annual fee. If you’re looking for a free landing page creator you can try Ucraft.
The Reasons are:
  • They’re super easy to create a lead optin page quickly
  • They integrate easily with payment portals, email autoresponders & text messaging software.
  • They’re easy to edit and make changes on the fly.
  • Most of them you can A/B split test different optin & ad copy optins without any additional coding.
  • Many additional features and benefits depending on the type of plan
  • Affordable monthly fees
If you’ve decided on the type of landing page software to use the next step is to know what your primary goals are.
  • Where will you serve this ad and what action do you want the visitor to take?
  • Remember whatever action you want them to take the landing page and the ad has to perceive more than the value of the exchange.
     Some examples of primary goals are;
  • Capture lead info for future contact. (download an ebook, get some free training, etc.)  Must have more value than the exchange for contact info.
  • Get An Offer ( coupons, special deal, free consultation, etc.)
  • Buy A Product. (buy one get one free, free shipping, special deal, deal expires)
Once you have the primary goal next you need to have supporting goals to achieve the primary goal. The reason for the supporting goals is to increase the chances of winning the top position when bidding for clicks on Facebook and Google or Bing search engines. Quality score & relevance are both main factors that need attention when making the landing page.

Supporting Goals For The Landing Page To Perform Well Are As Follows. (For Google & Bing Website Traffic Campaigns)

  • Goal #1-> Get on top of Google for “targeted keywords” and rank above the other paid traffic competition.
  • Goal #2-> Establish Relevance to keywords for Google Bots and human visitors.
  • Goal #3-> Use video’s to establish personality, trust, information, call to action and to increase time on the landing page and decrease bounce back (increases quality score and improves the chance to rank #1 on Google Ads.
  • Goal #4 -> Hit human visitor’s pain points immediately and offer a solution (aka. consultation with an expert)
  • Goal #5 -> Make it as simple and easy as possible for a human visitor to make contact with you.
If you have multiple audiences try to keep the landing page as relevant to the majority of what the audiences have in common or else this will confuse human and bot visitors and lower your quality score and possibly google won’t serve your ads as frequent as your competition.
We have to infuse the 2 audiences together in order for Google’s Bots to serve your ads above your competitors.
Once you know your goals now you can move on to making an amazing landing page structure that’s attractive to visitors.
Here is a guide on creating an awesome optin landing page for paid traffic.

What Should Be On The Landing Page?

The 3 Top Page Structure that converts leads are:

Top Of The Fold –lyft landing page example
  • Logo on left. The phone number on right. (mobile it’s centered)
  • Address Pain Point & Tripwire offer on the left with a strong headline & Web form contact on the right.
  • Informational Video with a call to action on also on the top fold.
  • High Targeted Relevance – (addresses the visitor has clicked on something relevant to their need and can access information quickly.
Middle Of Pagespyfu landing page example
  • Testimonials 2-3 (establishing trust) Builds trust and shows proof of results immediately after relevance.
  • More information about the company/professional (skills, qualifications, locality, more relevance)
  • Another call to action if the previous call to action is not visible.
Bottom Foldwishpond landing page example
  • The in-depth description of the service – written content can include Service information, information about the offer and also add additional features benefits and more credibility about the service, company, results that the visitor might get if they choose to convert.
  • 2nd or 3rd call to action.
There are several other features I highly recommend to apply to your Landing/ Splash page which is: Google Analytics for tracking traffic, Google remarketing tag (cookie) for remarketing website visitors, a facebook pixel for Facebook ad tracking & remarketing, autoresponder integrated to the web form.
If you’d like me to create a video walkthrough on creating the landing page let me know in the comments below.
Next, I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions I get about making landing pages.
Question: Is too much content bad?
Answer: For the initial contact to happen the answer is yes in most cases. (Think dating process. You want to get the other’s phone number not win them on marrying you during the initial contact)
Our main intention is to provide the visitor with only as much information as needed for them to decide to make contact.
More information could bring confusion & inaction. (all we want at this moment is for them to trust you enough to give you their email & phone number and request a consultation)
Question: Does video actually help convert a lead? 
Answer: In 2019 YES. Today’s audience is used to being “spoon-fed” information through video. Other benefits are being able to visually sell yourself, your company or your product by using the power of video.
Question: Should I A/B split test my landing page?
Answer: The answer is usually Yes but with exceptions. The exceptions being if this is your first initial paid traffic campaign and if you have a very small budget and lastly what do you plan on split testing? An A/B split test landing page should both be pretty similar with only some variations. If you plan on having 2 completely different landing pages with completely different content or tailored to different audiences then I don’t recommend an A/B landing page split test.
 I’m sure there are many other online resources you can read up on to get a farther in-depth knowledge. This guide was created just to get you the “50,000-foot view” and understand how landing pages work and how to make them be effective and high converting.
I hope these tips help with creating a solid game plan. If you’d like help with building a landing page or a website you can contact us for a free marketing consultation.