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Welcome to Sky Tide Digital, the ultimate destination for unleashing the true potential of your business through strategic Pay Per Click advertising. In the digital age, where every click counts, our specialized PPC services are designed to drive targeted traffic, boost conversions, and ensure a remarkable return on investment. Let’s delve into the world of pay per click advertising and explore how it can revolutionize your online presence.

Pay Per Click Advertising for local businesses

The Power of Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC, is a dynamic digital marketing technique that empowers businesses to present their ads to potential customers precisely when they’re searching for relevant products or services. Unlike traditional advertising, pay per click advertising lets you pay only when a user clicks on your ad, ensuring that your marketing budget is channeled toward genuine engagement. This direct approach translates into immediate visibility and a higher likelihood of generating valuable leads.

Our Targeted and Result-Driven Pay Per Click Advertising Services:

Keyword Mastery and Strategy: At Sky Tide Digital, our seasoned pay per click advertising experts begin by conducting comprehensive keyword research. This process identifies the optimal keywords that align with your business goals. This strategy ensures your ads appear in front of the audience actively seeking your offerings.

Precise Campaign Setup and Continuous Optimization: Our meticulous campaign setup across platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads sets the stage for success. We don’t stop there. Continuous optimization through rigorous A/B testing, landing page refinements, and bid adjustments ensures your campaigns are consistently fine-tuned for peak performance.

Compelling Ad Copywriting and Design: Crafting an ad that stands out in the digital crowd is an art, and we’ve mastered it. Our creative team develops persuasive ad copies that resonate with your target audience. These ad copies are combined with captivating visuals to create a harmonious blend of message and aesthetics.

Landing Page Precision: Landing pages play a pivotal role in converting clicks into meaningful actions. Our team works closely to optimize your landing pages for maximum engagement and conversions. We align the landing page content with the ad’s message, creating a seamless user experience.

Geotargeting and Audience Segmentation: Effective campaigns aren’t just about reaching anyone – they’re about reaching the right audience. Our geotargeting and audience segmentation strategies allow us to tailor campaigns to specific locations and demographics, ensuring your ads resonate with those who matter most.

Data-Driven Analytics and Conversion Tracking: Numbers don’t lie, and we take full advantage of this fact. Our team implements advanced tracking tools to monitor conversions, clicks, and other essential metrics. This data-driven approach empowers us to make informed decisions, refine strategies, and drive superior results.

Why Choose Sky Tide Digital for Your Pay Per Click Advertising Needs:

PPC Prowess: Our dedicated team of pay per click advertising specialists brings a wealth of experience to the table. We’re well-versed in crafting successful campaigns across a myriad of industries and stay updated with the latest trends and strategies.

Customized Precision: Recognizing that each business has unique objectives and target audiences, we tailor our strategies to suit your specific needs. This personalized approach ensures your campaigns deliver maximum impact.

ROI-Centric Focus: Our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional return on investment. With vigilant monitoring and strategic adjustments, we ensure you’re optimizing your budget and reaping the benefits.

Transparency in Reporting: Stay in the loop with regular, comprehensive reports detailing your campaign’s performance. These reports provide insights into key metrics, helping you gauge progress and the value generated.

Collaborative Partnership: When you collaborate with us, you’re not just a client – you’re a partner. We prioritize open communication and collaboration to ensure your campaign’s success.

In the digital realm, where every click counts, PPC advertising is the rocket fuel that propels your business to greater heights. At Sky Tide Digital, we’re committed to harnessing the full potential of PPC to amplify your brand’s online presence and drive conversions. Partner with us and embark on a journey that’s marked by strategic precision and outstanding results.

In the fast-paced digital world, PPC advertising offers an unparalleled avenue to drive targeted traffic and generate meaningful conversions. At Sky Tide Digital, we are committed to leveraging our expertise and creativity to maximize your ROI and propel your business toward sustained success. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of PPC and position your brand at the forefront of your industry.

Pay Per Click Advertising (Small Package)  For campaigns with a small ($1,001 – $3,000)/mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign only.

Pay Per Click Advertising (Medium Package) For campaigns with a medium ($3,001 – $5,000) / mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign, Display Network, and Remarketing.

Pay Per Click Advertising (Large Package)  For campaigns with a large ($5,001 – $10,000) / mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign, Display Network, and Remarketing.


  1. What is Pay Per Click Advertising?
  1. Who should use pay per click advertising?
  • Small Businesses that want to improve their online presence on Google and show their products or services to those people who are looking for them.
  1. What does PPC ads do for my business?
  • pay per click advertising improves your online presence on Google search and increases the chance of targeting the right customers at the right time.
  1. Does it put my ad on the top page of Google every time?
  • No, and in most cases, you wouldn’t want it to be. The Google Ads system does not just take into account the bid price when arranging the sponsored ads. The position of any ad takes into account over one hundred different factors including your quality score, the volume of clicks, and website & content relevancy, enabling Google to deliver the right results to end users and empowering smaller advertisers to compete with other advertisers who have much higher budgets. If any company or agency was to offer you a top spot or guaranteed positions our advice is to run because it’s simply not possible!
  1. Will it ensure sales and leads to our business?
  • No. Just like any type of advertising, pay per click advertising can never guarantee any sure sales or customers. Once your ads are posted on Google Search we can no longer control the decision of your potential customers. The most that we can do is target the right people at the right time. And the rest is at their discretion.
  1. Do I need to have an existing Google Ads account to use your service?
  • No. We can set up your client’s Google Ads account and then link it to our Google Ads Manager account.
  1. I already have an existing Google Ads account. Do I still need to pay the setup fee?
  • It depends. If you have pay per click advertising campaigns that are already running and only minimal changes need to be made, the setup fee is waived. If you have an account but the campaigns still need to be set up or there are a lot of settings that need to change, then you will need to pay the setup fee. Please contact our Project Manager for a FREE PPC Proposal and Landing Page Analysis.
  1. Are landing pages always recommended, or can I just use my homepage?
  • ·         A great landing page is critical for any pay per click advertising campaign to be effective. People clicking on your PPC ads are more likely to have a strong purchase intent compared to general browsers, that’s why the landing page needs to be optimized to meet their expectations. We offer free landing page analysis along with our proposal, and landing page optimization & setup for an extra fee.
  1. Do I have access to the pay per click advertising campaign that you are going to create?
  • Yes. We offer transparency compared to other agencies to assure that you are getting the right data and you can see the performance of the campaign anytime you want.
  1. Why do I need pay per click advertising when I have SEO?
  • Any SEO campaign done in a safe, organic way will take some time to rank. A business could utilize PPC to advertise on the search page for the same keywords while the SEO campaign is still gaining momentum.
  • PPC is also useful if you want to maximize the search page. There are different businesses located on the search page. To fully maximize it, use PPC.
  • Finally, while it is impossible to rank for a competitor’s brand organically, this is common practice in an AdWords campaign.
  1. Can I do pay per click advertising without SEO?
  • Yes, as PPC is not SEO-dependent. It does not rely on Google search algorithms. It’s an advertising campaign that takes advantage of Google’s nature as a search engine.
  • Unlike SEO, PPC will never generate free traffic because Google is ranking you based on your ad spend and not the quality of your site.  SEO is an investment in the quality of your site and not just an investment in gaining organic rankings.
  1. Can I target my competitor’s keywords?
  • Yes. With PPC, you can target the competitor’s keywords. Unlike with SEO, you’re limited to the keywords on your website. Targeting your competitor’s keywords is ideal for new businesses because you want to target people who are looking for the same business as yours or have the same type of service.

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