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24 05, 2022

Advanced Level Local SEO Checklist Guide 2022

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Advanced Level Local SEO Checklist Guide 2022

Are you needing a no-nonsense local SEO checklist on how t0 SEO to optimize your local business online? Use our easy-to-follow local SEO guide below to start increasing the visibility of your website and Google listing by following the tasks below.

I’ll keep updating this checklist to keep it relevant or if anything changes to the algorithm that could affect the results.

Also if you’d like us to help and do it for you then you can contact us for a free consultation here

This local SEO checklist is designed for people who already have an understanding of terminology, acronyms, and a basic understanding of how search engine algorithms are designed to understand the information they are provided, signals from people, social signals, links, and other trust signals such as reviews, etc. 

If this local SEO checklist is too

24 05, 2022

What Are Local SEO Citations?

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What Are Local SEO Citations And Do I Need Them To Rank In 2022?

What Are Local SEO Citations? 

Local citations are a reference of a local business from a webpage or website online. This can include many variations but the standard citation is considered a NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) These references are usually found on websites, local directories, navigation maps websites, and web 2.0’s. 

How Do Local SEO Citations Help Me Get Ranked On Maps? 

A consistent citation pattern found throughout the internet will help search bots such as Google, and Google Maps bots trust your business is located at the city and address as it’s listed in the Google My Business Listing or Bing Maps. If there are inconsistencies within your NAP

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