SUBSCRIBESTAR ( Just announced that they are in the process of integrating a new payment processor for their platform. As of Monday December 17, 2018 it was announced that Paypal and Stripe both payment processors they use to accept payments for their creators have banned them from their platforms.

SubscribeStar Website Gets Shutdown By PayPal & Stripe 2

Although all of the facts have not been reported this does come on the cusp of the Patreon boycotting controversy that started last week. If you’re unaware of the patreon banning news I suggest looking into the banning of Sargon of Akaad and other creators that were politically motivated.

SubscribeStar has been an alternative crowdfunding site for creators and is now gaining recognition since the Patreon controversy. Patreon has been banning creators that have not violated their terms of service.

Sam Harris Patreon’s 13th most subscribed Patreon has reportedly boycotting Patreon and has removed his account from the Platform

Now it is important to know that many many other creators not affiliated with the Patreon and Subscribestar controversy are being significantly affected. What will be their next move? We’ll keep you updated.

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