Who Are We And Why Choose Us?

Sky Tide Digital has been helping local businesses increase their online visibility for over 8 years

Hey my name is Jeremiah Bennett and I started this company with a mission to bring affordable high-quality, performance-based digital marketing products & services customized to fit the specific goals and needs of locally based companies. With so many options and unknowns in digital marketing for local business owners, I wanted to help them bridge the gap between what actually works and produces results as opposed to adding fancy features to a website just because or just creating more content because the “experts say so” I knew there had to be a way to provide a proven marketing process at scale.  

Our Mission And Promise To Our Clients (Video) 

Jeremiah Bennett
Jeremiah BennettDigital Marketing Consultant
Since 2013 I have been helping businesses increase their online visibility and increasing their customers & sales through SEO, web design, Google ads & social media marketing. I’ve generated millions of dollars in additional revenue for my customers and look forward to helping you & your business too.
Angeli Bennett
Angeli BennettSocial Media Consultant
Hi I’ve been helping our customers with creating content and designing social media campaigns for local businesses for 8 years and love doing it! Together with my husband we’ve been creating more engagement and generating sales with the power of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our newest addition is TikTok. I look forward to working with you and your team.

Why Choose To Work With Us? 

We’re just like you. My wife and I run a small digital agency and we know what it’s like to have so many tasks each day that need to be done to run a business efficiently. When your day is filled with so many mundane and incredibly important tasks from managing employees, delivering goods/services, and keeping up with orders, accounting, and whatever fires need to be put out every day how do you find time to create new ads, generate content, stay up-to-date with the latest online algorithms and manage advertising budgets? 

if this sounds like you then I’m sure you know your choices are limited to; doing it yourself, hiring an expert in-house, or outsourcing to an agency.  Well with so many choices from well-known brand names to the average spam caller that pretends to be Google and the other people that took a youtube course and think they are now “experts” how or who do you trust? 

We have 8+ years of experience understanding algorithms, and managing budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars every month for many satisfied clients

We create our own advertisements testing multiple campaigns putting our money where our mouth is. 

We have created multiple local brick-and-mortar businesses (auto repair, HVAC, autobody) businesses and used our own marketing strategies to grow and scale those companies to become viable self-sustaining operations. 

We don’t give up. We fight for our customers and every dollar they invest in their marketing. We don’t appreciate marketers that just do service and don’t get actual obtainable results. 

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