A lot of people think that social media just involves posting content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social Media continues to grow and it involves much more than that –  if you want to see results.

If you’re a social media manager or managing social media in your business, then there is much more you could do, more than just posting.

Here are 11 things that you can consider adding to your “to-do” list (if they are not on it)

  1. Grow a social media plan.

– Before you send your first post, it’s necessary to have a detailed social media plan. This should have brand awareness, additional traffic to your website, and more sales.

2.  Make branding current.

– Go over your branding to make sure it’s clear and has regular posting all over your social media channels ( and all other marketing platforms)

3. Make a monthly calendar.

– Instead of posting on purpose, try adding structure to activities by making a monthly posting plan list. This can help you be certain that posts are consistent.

It’s a great wat to double-check four for spelling or grammar mistakes before your post goes live.

4. Make sure you schedule posts in advance.

-It’s not always good to sit around and manually post scheduled times, especially if you’re not out of the office or stuck in a meeting, Instead,  consider scheduling posts in advance. This can help save your time in the long term and make sure post go live when they are scheduled.

5. Make sure you respond to comments.

Responding to all your messages or comments from your followers in the right time frame you could create a spreadsheet. That includes sample replies, to help you speed up your process. Although, it’s important to make sure that all responses are personalized in some way.

6. Listen to the conversation.

Adding replying to comments or messages that people directed to your business. You should also be listening to important conversations that are going on without you.

Search for keywords that have a connection to your business industry and earn your competition to help try using tools such as Hootsuite.

7. Manage followers.

It could be hard keeping track of all your followers. But with the twitter list, you can easily categorize them.

For instance, you could create a list of customer leaders, industry news bloggers that are influential and accounts from the local area. You can consider running advertising to help get noticed by people. You’ll need to set your budget, decide on your audience and monitor your advertisement on a regular basis. The more you put in, the more you get out.

10. Create a monthly report of your social media strategy.

Make sure you check your strategy if it’s on track with the help of monthly reporting. This is a chance to look back at what is going on over the last month and see if there are other opportunities that you can improve on.

11. Try running a competition.

It may not be good for every business, competition, and prize draws are popular on social media. This can help grow your engagement and get followers and help you develop your email database. Make sure you don’t forget to check promotional guidelines before you start.

12. Always stay up to date with your social media success.

Social media is moving fast, so it’s important to you to keep updated with all the developments, new tools and feature changes, practices, and algorithms